The first two episodes of GAME GAMBIT – a podcast about kideos

Whoa, it’s been a while. A few things got in my way since April. Mainly, myself.

But things’re different now. I’m ready and rearing to go with a new podcast, GAME GAMBIT, which I’m hosting with old 2D-X buddies Eric Guzman and Gabriel Zamora. We talk about what we know best: video games, or kideos, or vidya, or other silly joke-names I like to give the world’s favorite interactive medium.

Collectively, the three of us have a lot of experience playing, writing, and talking about games, so I think we’re a pretty good source of info and entertainment — some kind infotainment, if you will. The tone is light for the most part, but as host I try to take each subject sincerely if not too seriously. We’re talking about vidya games here, not the stock price of pork belly.

Though I do love me some pork belly. Oh man.

Here are the first two episodes of GAME GAMBIT in SoundCloud and iTunes formats. If you want them in a direct, downloadable MP3 file format you can download them from SoundCloud by clicking More > Download.

The first episode’s worth a listen for the still-relevant MARVEL VS. CAPCOM INFINITE talk. The already-sort-of-irrelevant E3 2017 PREDICTIONS discussion could still be worth it to hear how wrong we are. Spoilers: I was totally wrong about a DRAGON QUEST XI localization being announced. Oh well~

The second episode’s much shorter. Eric and I give our quick impressions on EA, MICROSOFT, and BETHESDA’s showings at E3. Expect some gushing over WOLFENSTEIN 2.